EZ Car Care: Simple tips on cleaning your car interior

EZ Car Care: Simple tips on cleaning your car interior

As car experts here at EZ Car Care, we understand how hard it can be to maintain the perfect car interior, especially if you have pets and kids. You spend most of your time inside of your car so it would make sense that you should take care of the inside of your car just as much as you would for the engine and the exterior. 

But maintaining the interior of your car doesn’t have to be difficult. To help you get started, here are some simple cleaning tips for you:

Pick up the pieces of trash

For some people, the most obvious first step is to pull out the vacuum. But before you do that, make sure that you pick up the pieces of trash that can obstruct the vacuum.

We’re talking about trash such as wrappers, papers, food containers that could have been hiding under your seat. These are the obvious ones that you should eliminate first before getting into the small particles of dirt and dust.

Vacuum up

After you get rid of the obvious pieces of trash, the next step is to start vacuuming all the particles of dirt and specks of dust that you may have missed. This debris is too tiny for the naked eye to be seen and using a vacuum will get rid of it.

Run your vacuum all over your interiors such as your seats, your floor mats, your dashboard and other crevices that are hard to reach. A handheld vacuum cleaner will do good for these situations but attaching the right nozzles will make it way easier to use. 

Remove and clean floor mats

It would be much easier to clean your floor mats if you remove them first. After you finish vacuuming these mats, detach them from your floor and shake them to get rid of excess dirt and dust. 

You should then scrub them with soap and hot water to clean them thoroughly. After that, you can just hang them to dry before reinstalling them. Deep cleaning your floor mats will greatly improve the look of your interior.

Start wiping away

After you have vacuumed all the crevices and tight spots of your car, you can now move on to wiping the different hard surfaces of your vehicle. This includes the console, steering wheel, hand rest, etc. 

You can spray some car cleaning products of your choice on your cloth to give these surfaces the extra cleaning and polishing that it needs. For hard to reach places such as the air conditioning vents, you can use a toothbrush to clean the dust that has built up in the area. 

The interior of your car deserves as much attention as its exterior. Just because people will see the outside of your car more often doesn’t mean that you should leave out the inside. If you successfully follow these easy steps, your car will be restored to its brand new look.