EZ Car Care: Car accessories you need to buy

One of the goals in life is to have a car, so you do not have to commute going to work or any place in mind. With that, you need to take care of it to maintain its newness and beauty. After all, your car symbolizes your hard work! So, here are some accessories you need to place inside your car:

Car freshener

Aside from the outside, you need to make your car’s indoors presentable as well. To do this, you can buy car fresheners to eliminate any unwanted odours. Also, car fresheners have a lot of varieties you can choose from! If you want your car to smell sweet, then you should buy a vanilla or peppermint scent.

Phone mount

Using your phone while driving is greatly discouraged, for it can cause accidents. Although, there are times where you need your phone for navigation purposes. To solve this problem, you can opt to buy a phone mount! Placing this on your dashboard will make it easier for you to see the phone screen. As a result, navigating your route is now effortless!

Charging outlet

Need a quick charge? You can do so by buying a charging outlet for your car! In terms of appearance, it has a tube-like shape that you can insert into the cigarette lighter slot. Once done, connect your phone to the charging outlet by using a USB cord. Doing this will give you the extra battery life that you need for the rest of your day.

Cord organizers

Make your life easier by having a cord organizer in your car. By doing this, your cords will be arranged in the right order. As a result, no stray line lays on your dashboard. Additionally, this will make charging easier since all you have to do is to connect your phone.

Car sunshade

The indoors of your car heat up fast due to lack of airflow. You can avoid this problem by buying a car sunshade. This lessens the sunlight that penetrates your car, for it provides shade and protection. Aside from that, this accessory is affordable and easy to store due to its foldable feature.

Backseat organizer

Having a backseat organizer is helpful during road trips. It has compartments for tissues, water bottles and chips. Additionally, it serves as a tray for you to place your meals, so you can eat more comfortably.

Spare tire

Although this is not found indoors, spare tires are also important accessories in case one of your tires flatten due to sharp objects on the road. In addition, having a tire delivered to you is more expensive than bringing your own. So, always make sure that you have a spare before heading out on a long trip. 

If you need more information, EZ Car Care is here to help you with any concerns related to your car. We also offer maintenance and repair services that might interest you.