EZ Car Care: Additional car customization services

EZ Car Care: Additional car customization services

When talking about custom painting services, it isn’t just about recolouring your car. It entails various other repairs that would make your car looking fresh without sacrificing its efficiency over style. The EZ Car Care team can help you out with getting your car looking brand new. 

Here are some of the services that you can get from our team: 

Headlight refresher

Most car headlights nowadays are made from plastic resin that mimics their older counterparts made from glass. The newer resin material is a lot more lightweight and transparent. It can also withstand high heat and hard impact which are all important for transportation vehicles. Additionally, installing resin headlights are also cheaper and safer compared to glass alternatives. 

However, resin materials aren’t as weatherproof as to their glass counterparts. That’s why these headlights have a coating of the ultraviolet absorber to make the material last longer. Just like any other car parts, the effect doesn’t last longer that’s why they need to be restored. 

The heat of the car, as well as the light emanating from below the headlights, takes a toll on the resin material. The surface gets cloudy and it would eventually deteriorate until it’s rendered unusable. Once this happens, schedule an appointment with us at EZ Car Care and we’ll restore your headlights to their former condition. It’s an easy procedure and it wouldn’t even involve any replacements. 

Price list: 

Car typePrice (one side)Price (both sides)
Locally made carsJPY 8,000.00JPY 15,000.00
Imported carsJPY 12,000.00JPY 20,000.00

Bicycle topcoat frame painting

One of the key characteristics of industrial-grade car paint is its durability. It does not tarnish easily and it protects the metal from natural elements that can effectively wear your vehicle down over the years. This means that the metal framing in your car would not rust even with intense conditions as long as the paint is properly maintained. 

Bicycles often are made from the same metal materials as cars. You can use the same industrial-grade paint and apply it to your two-wheel vehicle. 

Here at EZ Car Care, we’ll give your bicycle the same treatment we do with cars to ensure the durability and high aesthetics of the paint. Moreover, we’ll also treat the parts in delicate and efficient ways to maintain the quality of your bike once it’s reassembled. 

Please make sure to remove all accessories on your bicycle before your schedule with us. We’ll be disassembling all the parts before we start the painting process to make sure that we cover all bases. 

Price list:

Bicycle typePrice (whole frame)Price (per part)
Japanese bikeJPY 60,000.00JPY 15,000.00
Mountain bikeJPY 65,000.00JPY 17,000.00
Road dirt bikeJPT 70,000.00JPY 20,000.00

Headlights and blinkers smoke repaint

Take your car customizing experience even further by applying cool smoke designs on your headlights and blinkers! This won’t affect the overall function of these car parts. It’ll just add a design that would make your car look cool and chic. 

Please provide us with a design that you would like us to apply to your car. We can also team up to create a custom design for you. There would be additional charges for original design but it’ll be worth it in the end. 

Price list: 

Car part/ designPrice
Small designs on car surfacesJPY 8,000.00
Side markersJPY 8,000.00
Fog lampsJPY 20,000.00
Small headlights (for lighter cars)JPY 30,000.00
Medium headlightsJPY 35,000.00
Large headlightsJPY 40,000.00
HoodJPY 70,000.00
BumperJPY 65,000.00
Windows (per piece)JPY 25,000.00