5 reasons why your car needs to be washed regularly

Car wash is a basic form of car care that is often overlooked. It is primarily dismissed as merely a cosmetic concern, when the truth is it is more than not. You pose your car to damage if you fail to maintain it properly. Read on to learn about the importance of car wash and why your car needs regular washing.

Prevent damage

Engines and wheels receive the primary care when it comes to preventative maintenance. It is often forgotten that the paint and coating of your vehicle acts as an integral barrier that prevents moisture and oxygen from rusting the vehicle’s frame. If you ask professionals of vehicles like the staff of EZ Car Carer, this is what they will tell you.

Remove road salt 

Road salt is dangerous for cars. This is more likely to happen if you live in a climate with cold winters where salt is applied to meld roadways. When this happens, cars are covered with road salt weekly. A few winter’s worth of salt can still cause and accelerate rust across the frame.

Even if you have a heated garage or you personally take time to rinse it, this will not be enough. The elevated temperature of the garage actually speeds the corrosive action. Also, much of the salt deposits on the bottom of the vehicle, making risking it impossible.

The only way to remove road salt is through a car wash that offers underbody or undercarriage flush service. 

Drive safer 

They say that even a lightyear of dust can impact visibility, especially when light conditions change. When a driver cannot clearly see out each window, safety is affected. Going to a car wash is one of the easiest and quickest ways of keeping your car and car windows crystal clear.

Safe for the vehicle 

Hand washing a car may seem like a good alternative instead of visiting a car wash. But this is only if you truly know what you are doing. Remember that usage of wrong soaps such as dish, bathe or hand soap will strip the coat and ruin the finish. 

In an instance where you use the wrong brush or sponge, you will end up carving thousands of scratches into the paint forever. Having the right brush or sponge does not guarantee success, too, since it’s still possible to grind dirt against the coat.

Better for the environment

Professional automatic car washes like EZ Car Care are a far greener option for car cleaning in comparison to driveway washing. Automatic car washes use less water, enabled by targeted high-pressure nozzles and reclaim systems. The soaps and waxes that are rinsed off are diverted through a sanitary sewer to a water treatment plant.