About EZ Care Care

EZ Car Care is an independant auto detailing shop that takes pride in its auto detailing services. Our staff is highly trained in removing gunk and grime from your vehicle; inside and outside to make it shine and sparkle like a new vehicle. We also specialize in removing surface scracthes on your vehicle; polishing and buffing your vehicle paint.

We hope to see you soon at out Kitchener location! Feel free to request a quote or explore our auto detailing price packages

EZ Car Care: About us

Are you looking for a place to repair or maintain your car? Then look no further! Here at EZ Car Care, we offer a variety of car services ranging from auto-detailing services to auto-repair assistance. 

EZ Car Care offers a comfortable atmosphere that even offers wireless internet. Feel free to bring along your laptop to catch up on work and personal emails; or just sit back, relax and watch TV as our professional staff looks after your vehicle.

Who we are

EZ Car Care is an independent auto shop that takes pride in its auto detailing, cleaning, and repair services. Our staff is highly trained in removing gunk and grime from your vehicle, repairing broken parts and boosting your car’s overall performance. We are dedicated to not only providing you with the best services but to have an accommodating experience as well. 

Benefits of our services

Ensures your safety

Nowadays, car accidents are constantly rising at an alarming rate. One of the reasons why is due to the worn-out auto parts that are not being maintained. Over time, the steering or braking system could suffer wear and tear, and the tires could have a crack that you haven’t yet noticed—leading to terrible accidents as a result.

By taking your car to EZ Car Care, rest assured that your auto will be maintained to avoid any accidents from happening.

Maintains your car’s warranty

Most car dealerships usually place a basic coverage of 3 years on the cars they manufacture. While all first-time car owners have a warranty, it still depends on the state your car is in. Remember, your warranty is valid only if a car has been properly taken care of. At our auto shop, you don’t have to worry about any problems involving your vehicle.

Increases car’s performance

Are you a first-time car owner but don’t know how to maintain your car? Worry no more! By regularly maintaining them here at EZ Car Care, our professional staff will provide you with the best services possible to boost their performance and prevent any wear and tear in the process.

Increase the value of your car

Remember, a properly maintained car sells for a higher price. So, if you are planning to sell your car after a couple of years, then keeping it in its best condition is important. With our professional staff, rest assured that your car will be in good condition for another person to use. 

Helps reduce emissions

Nowadays, pollution is a serious concern especially in big countries like China and the United States. While new cars emit lots of gases to the environment, it’s nothing compared to what a poorly maintained car emits. So, if you want to help the environment, going to an  auto shop to maintain it is the best option. During this service, our staff will check your fuel consumption and your engine to ensure that everything is in order.